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Wild plant collages between glass

Crush on Nature brings the treasures of nature inside your office, hotel, or living room, making stunning places with meaning.
Surrounding yourself with nature brings peace of mind. By taking in the subtle colours and beautiful shapes of the wild plants your well-being increases. And while emptying your mind of stressful thoughts, nature brings new inspiration.

Campus Woudestein

Faculty of Law
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Transformation Architect: Jo Coenen architects
Interior Architect: Hans Fransen

The guiding principle in materializing this interior was to reuse the materials from the former design. Completely in line with the transformation of the building by Jo Coenen Architects. Window frames were made into tabletops, doors became work tables, and the seats of old chairs were re-used in the new design.

Large collages of wild plants, really fit this idea. Loosely hung in between two glass planes of glass, and with hardly any materials added, this technique fully meets the principles of Circular Building.

Local wild plants are made into an elegant collage. The plants do not abide by the boundaries of the piece. That really suits the lady who will work at this desk!

1850 x 650 mm

It is a circular design

The plants for the collages are collected on the keys around the studio or at the project location. After
drying, in traditional big wooden presses, the plants are assembled into large collages, which are
placed between two planes of glass. The plants are untreated, and only 10 mg of solvent-free glue is
used in assembling. So when the interior is remodeled, the plants can be brought back to nature. To
compost and return to the cycle of life, as food for new wild plants.
Some plant seeds will even stay germinative for many years so young seedlings might pop up again.